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Resurrected this blog Feb. 2015

I didn’t intend to use this blog again. I have one on and I like it better. I am just too lazy to have a nice blog. This one ended up with half my post gone anyway. I am mostly using this to follow other blog sites. There are some awesome blogs out there and I truly appreciate them.

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If you are considering a blog, PLEASE consider googles blogspot instead! I lost most of my posts on wordpess. I don’t want to bother with the whole story. It is just disgusting and not intuitive. Nothing went where I wanted it. Nice damn catagory lists but just BULL.

I have a newer blog as thru google. Most likely not posting here much if at all. Thanks to any of the crazy quilt stitchers for input. Denby

July 17, 2012

July 17, 2012
I am piecing a quilt from the video on applique by Missouri Quilt company. I thought it was going good and fast at first. Now, I feel like I have spent way too much time on it. It is larger than the one they demonstrate on. I cut all the heat and bond going the wrong direction for the sails and boats. I wasn’t totally satisfied with the fabric I chose. I decided that I would make a different set of fabric for boats and sails. I just wasn’t paying attention. This is the 3 strips of the quilt with the first choice fabrics of boats and sails placed on it.

layout of the brick area of blue and the boat area

July 12, 2012
I finally had to order a check spring for my longarm. I barely made it thru the last satin baby quilt and it started doing mostly loops on the back. I should be getting that in the morning. I had, as always, quite a bit of help from the MQR forum. I was seriously impressed. I also contacted a quilt shop in Columbus and got a surprise. I called Red Rooster and I got help and info to do some stuff myself. I was quoted a reasonable price to have the machine looked at. I was floored since it had been a major worry for me. I bought the machine used and didn’t have a warranty or dealer. I don’t have to fear that now.

July 7, 2012

Seems that the way to post has been changed. I was disgusted and deleted all Kindle Fire posts. I wanted to have it as a side note. I seem to have lost the quilt info and photos. I may dig into making the blog useful but I may also look at using a different whole blog.